No matter who you are, at some point in your life your sanity will be threatened, either by your past,  a person, problems, or even your profession.  Your sanity is vital to your thriveability! In order to stay sane in this challenging world, you have to do something different.  It’s insane to keep doing the same routine expecting a different outcome so let us help you change your mind’s trajectory and boost your resistance to insanity.  Try these 7 Sanity-Boosting Skills.

Skill #1 Pace & Pray

This is our healthy version of pacing the floor.  Pacing is a way we naturally try to regulate an anxious mind by releasing the energy stored up in the body caused by stress and worry, except by the time you are done pacing, you are no less anxious. A walking prayer addresses that blocked energy in the same way except by the time you are done you are more at peace. Walking left-right, left-right is bilateral movement with your feet that is proven to decrease distress.  Instead of worrying & walking, pray & pace! If you want to keep your sanity, add some bilateral prayer time into your lifestyle.
Skill #2 Sigh of Relief

A sigh is a bodily response to fatigue, frustration, or relief.  It is a singular, exaggerated breath that releases built-up toxins.  In order to keep your sanity, it is imperative that you release these toxins daily and the Sigh of Relief is a cool way to do it. It’s a simple way to use your breath to express gratitude that you have made it to the next moment.  So go ahead and take a deep sigh of relief as often as you need to!
Skill #3 Talk to Yourself

Ok, so we know this may make you look a little less sane than you would like, but trust us, talking to yourself actually boosts your sanity quotient.  If you don’t affirm yourself with the truth, coach yourself through the challenges of life, verbalize your game plan to avoid distractions and talk yourself out of temptations, then you are doomed to live an insane life defined by other’s criticisms of you,  confusion, and comfort zones.  Hearing your own voice aloud is proven to awaken your capacity to stay sane.  Give it a try! Start talking aloud to yourself
Skill #4 Right-Brain Exercises

Keeping your sanity will require that you get out of the tangled web of your emotions at times and a great way to do that is to do a right-brain exercise.  Balance out toxic or troubling emotions by using your imagination more, drawing, writing poetry, learning a new instrument or advancing your musical abilities, appreciating music, painting or coloring.  You don’t have to be a pro to use your creativity and you will love the benefits to your sanity once you give it try.
Skill #5 Revere Creation
Trees, grass, flowers, plants, the sky, clouds, mountains, sunrises, and sunsets….it is all here to offer us escapes from our often troubled realities. In the busyness and responsibilities that plague our days and tug at our sanity, grabbing a front row seat to admire nature is a no-brainer. Nature can increase our overall well-being by increasing positive emotions, enhancing senses, inspiring creativity, increasing satisfaction with life, and increasing energy. Nature is accessible to all of us so go outside and admire God’s creation!
Skill #6 Hug it out
Hugging is a kind and almost automatic act that practically everyone engages in. Hugs are often used to express common greetings and to express love. While they are useful for greetings and expressing love, they are proven to be beneficial in a number of other ways. Hugs are believed to increase oxytocin (the love drug) which is essential in calming nerves and boosting positive emotions. Hugs are also known to lower blood pressure, lower cortisol levels or the stress hormone, slow the heart rate, increase dopamine (pleasure hormone), increase serotonin (positive mood), and improve the immune system. Hugs are free so go ahead and indulge!
Skill #7 Power Off

Smartphones, tablets, TVs, radios, smart watches, electronic games, mp3’s, and other gadgets are all within arm’s reach. To be honest, they are right in our pockets or laps. We live in a technological world that is only growing more tech-driven. While technology and media provide the occasional escape from reality, they can be dangerous if we are not connecting enough to people and real experiences around us that keep us grounded. If you are feeling stressed out and need some relief in life, try to resist the urge to use technology. Instead spend some time doing one of the aforementioned activities or spend time with a loved one. Turn off the electronics and tune in to the other wonderful aspects of the world around you!

Leave us a comment and let us know which skill you will try first!!!