In many instances, it is recommended to ignore past or present pain, forget about pain, heal from pain, move past pain, deal with pain, or not to dwell on pain. All pain is subjective and pain should in fact be felt, acknowledged, and dealt with and eventually healed to the point of no longer being bound by it!

Pain, whether physical, emotional, or relational is not just a part of life—- it is guaranteed! We will never live a pain-free life! Some experience more pain than others, but none of us are in the clear! We’ve all experienced pain in our bodies at some point. We’ve all experienced emotional pain through hardships, suffering, grief, loss, or challenges! We’ve all experienced pain from hurtful relationships, abandonment, abuse, or dissension! None of us are exempt from it! The Bible even confirms that over and over!

And since we are taught that pain is normal and we shouldn’t spend a lot of time dwelling on it and letting it define our futures, we almost tend to look at the cross experience through a more optimistic lens! Right? Follow us on this! Think about it! We typically hear more sermons and messages about the resurrection and the happy, glorious parts of Jesus’ cross experience! And that is great to do! But what about the pain and suffering? Many people like to skip past those details or can’t stomach the details because we are taught not to dwell on pain or the negatives in life. We can’t tell you how many Christians and people in general refuse to watch Mel Gibson’s The Passion because they just can’t take watching the pain and horror of Christ’s suffering! Hmmmmm——–the suffering is the most beautiful part because it reminds us He can relate to our pain and suffering!!!

We believe all of Jesus’ cross moments are vital to our own journeys! We want to encourage everyone this weekend and always to remember Christ’s pain. Don’t dwell on your pain—–dwell on His!!!! Don’t dwell on your past—–dwell on His!!! Don’t let your pain define you—-let His pain define you!!!!! Get it? See— He suffered so you don’t have to. He went through pain so when you go through pain, you can remember His and let Him heal yours! Your pain isn’t irrelevant! It’s just not as important as His! When you feel yourself thinking about painful situations that bog you down, start immediately dwelling on what He felt in the garden, or how he felt getting flogged, or what it was like for Him to feel alone! Pretty soon, you will become grateful and humbled that your pain was experienced by Jesus while He sweated droplets of blood!

So as you remember the gloriousness of the cross and resurrection this weekend, focus your attention on the entire experience! And while you acknowledge that you may being going through hard times in life or have scars from the past, trust Jesus with those painful areas! This is the perfect weekend to release your own painful memories and shift to the Resurrected Christ——who experienced a Pain truly worth Remembering!

Happy Resurrection Folks—-From Twinpowerment!