We have been away for a bit of a while, but we are so elated to be back on the writing scene and a part of the great blogging world. Let us take a brief moment to explain why we’ve been away.

While writing is a great joy to us, we soon realized that it isn’t as great of a joy as being wives and mothers! It also isn’t as great of a responsibility!

In the last few years, we have been lovingly consumed with establishing our roles as wives and mothers. Building a great family and home life has taken an understandable precedence over writing.

Taking care of our families and doing God’s work within the home is by far the most important responsibility we have aside from maintaining a relationship with Christ. Not to mention the first few years of marriage require the most attention and intention!!! But now that we have a rhythm going with marriage and mothering, we can get back to our other passion——writing!

We are certain our readers will be excited to see how we’ve grown over the past few years and hear our hearts regarding love, life, marriage, parenting, healing, and so much more through our writing—so stay tuned!

Many blessings, Nell Dardie & Tish Granville