“Love heals”—you’ve seen it on everything from T-shirts to billboards.  This has been the mantra used in response to the hurts in our world caused by hate, mistreatment, discrimination, bigotry, abuse, conflicts, and even war.  The declaration is supposed to inspire humanity to use actions of love to heal the wounds caused by relational injuries.  There is one problem with this mission; how can love heal if hearts are not in the right position to effectively love?  Our hearts are cold, dark, and unhealthy and until we get healing for our hearts, we cannot love others like we are commissioned to. Our hearts need dealing and our love needs healing!  It’s time to Heal Love!  Here’s how you can do it:
1.       Schedule a daily heart check-up with the Heart-Doctor. Only God can reveal to you what’s in your heart but you have to be willing to let him evaluate it—repeatedly.  He can show you those unhealthy places that keep you from loving fully.
a.       Unforgiveness
b.      Pride
c.       Greed
d.      Selfish Ambition
e.       Anger
2.       Healthy diet: Your heart needs to eat the right things. It feeds off of what you listen to, what you read, what you watch.  Are you consuming things that encourage you to love purely or things that corrupt your love?
3.       Take your medicine: Scriptures are medicine for our hearts.  Scriptures help us to see our own hurts and wounds in a healing light and recover from them.
4.       Exercise your heart: Believe it or not, hurts give our hearts exercise. We need heartbreak so that we can grow our muscles. Pray for challenges to come so you can exercise healthy ways to respond.  We would argue that people who act out toward others have weak hearts and have not processed their own hurts in a healthy way.
5.       Protect your heart: Some pain is necessary, and some can be avoided.  Some injuries are self-inflicted and some are a result of poor boundaries with unhealthy people.  Learn ways to keep your wound-count down so your heart can function at it’s best.
Once you implement this healthy heart routine into your life, your love will be much more evident and much more effective.  Before you profess that “Love Heals”, make sure you are saying that from a place of a heart that is being healed. Heal Love!