How to be a Graceful Mom

Being a mother is such a wonderful gift full of joyful moments, sad moments, frustrating moments, angry moments, tired moments———lots of tired moments, messy moments (lots of those too), loud moments, quiet moments, hectic moments, and any other kind of moment you can think of. What we want to show you is how to have more grace-filled moments!

Mommy-life doesn’t have to be stressful and unhinged all of the time. The crazy, hectic, messy moments will always come, but God gives all of us moms grace to get through them with poise and composure! You don’t need to be a perfect mom to practice grace! You just need to understand the purpose of grace and why you and your family need it!

When your kids grow up one day—-and they will—-you want them to remember the moments when you handled their messes, disappointments, catastrophes, and day-to-day moments with love, peace, and a sense of calm. Trust us, it can be done! Although we are young and fairly new mothers, we know a thing or two about learning to stay calm. We’ve seen small situations spiral out of control simply because we were not connected to our source of grace and peace. For instance, the bowl of spilled applesauce all over our freshly-cleaned shirt, the kid’s clean clothes, and the nicely vacuumed carpet quickly turns into a 10-minute frenzied event. The graceless reaction includes rushing to get paper towels and wipes—-and accidentally knocking over a cup of water along the way (mess number 2 to clean up), not even stopping for a moment to kiss your precious baby’s face and tell them “It’s no big deal, messes happen!” When grace is running low, there is more worrying about clothes and carpet (that can be cleaned) and spiraling emotions of frustration and annoyance.

Does this sound familiar? There are many other examples we can give that highlight our inability to keep cool in our sometimes frantic mommy-lives, but we think you get the drift. If you are a mom of one kid or several kids–newborns, toddlers or teens–you can relate to feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless, unhinged, and spent! We want to help you—-and ourselves—to become more peace-driven and learn the true practice of grace!

We have listed 5 very simple ways to be Graceful:

1.) Take a deep breath before issuing any form of discipline to your child-Breathing helps reset the brain and take you out of reactivity into responsiveness.

2.) Ask for help from your support system when you need it– Parenting on an island is a threat to grace-giving at times.  Trade your island for Graceland where others are there to help you!

3.) Be present and intentional when spending time with your children– It’s easy to be physically present but emotionally absent.  Practice being “ALL IN” mind, body and spirit when you’re parenting.

4.) Be quick to forgive and slow to react-This means you will have to put up with a lot! But graceful mommies “grow up” in their ability to bear with their children’s faults and “slow down” in their reactions to mistakes and messes.

5.) Pray daily for strength, wisdom, and creativity– Graceful moms know strength, wisdom, and creativity come in small doses and prayer is the only way to get free refills!

Let this list take you from graceless reactivity to GRACEFUL responsiveness in all your mommy moments!