This has no doubt been a stressful election no matter what side of the coin you are on, and on the night of November 9th that stress was put to rest for many and exacerbated for many others. It’s important to acknowledge and accept the various feelings of grief that we will refer to as the “Feelings Flag.”

No matter what your color or symbol is in the assessment below, your feelings are valid, normal, human, and you have permission to feel whatever you feel regarding the election results.

The “Feelings Flag” Method

Red: Red represents those of you who feel anger, frustration, and irritability.
White: This color is for those of you who feel numb and apathetic inside. You don’t know what to feel so right now you feel blank on the inside.
Blue: This color is for those who feel sad, hopeless, and even depressed.
Stars: This is for two groups: Some are still “shooting for the stars” and see the hopeful possibilities and the good that can come out of the election. Some are “seeing stars” and feeling dazed, confused, anxious, and fearful of the future.
Stripes: Stripes are lines, and lines represent constancy, order, security, and feeling boundaried. Some of you may be feeling secure, stable, and protected during this time.
No matter where you are on the “Feelings Flag” it’s important not to judge others for where they are on the flag. Healthy responses to implement:
  1. Take a break from social media and turn off the news. It’s not the place to get the grief support you need.
  2. Journal about your thoughts and feelings.
  3. Follow the 24-48 hour rule before you post something with strong emotional overtones and see if your feelings shift after a day or 2
  4. Validate, normalize and humanize others’ grief using the “Me too” approach. I.e. “You’re upset? Me too!” No tug-of-wars about who’s feelings are valid and who’s aren’t!
  5. Instead of isolating, spend time with loved ones. Be careful not to allow the election to harm human connection.
  6. Find your feet and get them back on the ground. Stand up and “press through”. Meditate on what’s stable in your life during the shaky and crumbling foundation.
  7. Refer to our blog “7 Skills to Keep your Sanity”
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