Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding……… Proverbs 3:5 emphasis added.

Lean not on your own understanding—–A familiar passage? Yes. An easy practice? No.

King Solomon must have had a hunch here when he wrote this; that we humans have a proclivity to reason within ourselves, rationalize every decision, and come up with our own solutions. The problem with this is we really don’t have good decision-making skills apart from God.

Our decision-making is clouded with the pressures of life, sinful desires, selfishness, negative thoughts, fear, impulsivity, lack of faith, and impatience. We rarely base the way in which we go about our lives by relying on God’s unlimited wisdom and direction.

We typically Desire—-Reason——Act! When instead we should Desire—–Pray—–Wait—–Trust—–Follow!

When we do it God’s way, the “taking action” part is more about letting God show us a clear path to follow versus us leaping into situations because we “think” it is best. God is clear when He states in Isaiah 55:8 that His thoughts are not our thoughts and His ways are not our ways. What we “think” is best for us is often not what He “knows” is best!

So what is the definition of lean? Merriam Webster states to lean is to cast ones weight to one side for support or to rely on something for support or inspiration. If we lean on our own understanding, we are relying on our thinking, reasoning, and rationalizations for support. Furthermore, if our understanding is likened to a broken reed, it will surely break if we lean upon it.

Our understanding can and will fail us every time. It is unreliable, unstable, and wobbly. Consider this: Would you sit on a chair with 2 legs? Would you lean against a wooden beam that was broken? Probably not! Surely then, you don’t want to lean on your understanding to guide your own life.

Here is what it looks like to lean on your understanding versus God’s:

Leaning on Your Understanding
Leaning on God’s Understanding
Decisions are based on what you think is best
Decisions are made knowing that God knows what is best
Decisions are based on unmet needs
Decisions are made knowing God is a provider
Moves are made out of fear
You choose to live life trusting the unknown to God
You hold the belief that if you don’t do it, it won’t get done
You live life knowing that God will always make a way
Decisions are made based on uncertainty of future
You base decisions off of belief that God holds your tomorrow
Decisions are made because you are tired of waiting on God
You acknowledge that character is built through waiting
Requires no faith
Requires faith
Guarantee of failure
We encourage you to look at this list and look at your life today! After examining your life, determine honestly where you are leaning!!!! On your understanding or God’s! Twinpowerment~ Empowerment for your emotions, your spirit, and your relationships.