How to Power Walk: A Girl’s Guide for a Gait of Grace For the past 5-6 decades at least, women have been making noise about their rights in the world.  Woman have been fighting for equality with men, fighting for equal pay, fighting for reproductive rights, fighting for more gender-neutral language (i.e. police officer versus policeman), and fighting to be recognized as smart, talented, and capable.   While we believe in the legitimacy of much of the movement, we also believe there is a danger of trading in our grace as women for too much grit! We don’t have to live our lives trying to always prove our worth, how smart we are, and how powerful we are.  Girl-power is God-given; all we need to do is walk in it!   


A power walk is a walk that elicits attention and respect. It is a walk that says you are headed somewhere and you have no time to waste.  It is a walk that inspires, uplifts, and galvanizes others.  It is a walk with a purpose for a purpose!  It is literal and symbolic, but its more about how your life exemplifies grace versus your literal stride.   Women can walk with power without being overPOWERing!  Women do indeed have authority, but there is a way to walk in this authority without being rude, overbearing, abusive, and ignoring others’ boundaries.  Walking with power does not give us as women the right to step over people or stomp on people. People don’t become our doormats!  We don’t use our stilettos for trampling on other women (or men) on our way to the top.  That is not what powerwalking is about!   Furthermore, sometimes we have so much power in our walk that we unintentionally leave our dear sisters behind. We are so focused on our power-pace that we neglect those who need us most.  We act superior in our little power-shoes!  When others ask us where we got our shoes from, we snobbishly withhold the information.  When we walk into a crowded room, we wait for others to acknowledge us as if we are some sort of celebrity.   We want you to walk as the fearless, bold, and confident woman you were designed to be–but we want you to do it with grace!  Keep reading for our godly guide to power-walking!   How to Power Walk:

  1. Learn to walk in others’ shoes– This is the definition of empathy. If you can’t relate to others you might be in danger of walking over them.   (1 Peter 3:8)
  2. Walk with and behind others before you try to walk in front of them– A woman walking with grace knows how to follow before she leads. She knows how to walk with people.  (Luke 22:27)
  3. Wear the right shoes– In order to power walk, you have to have power shoes on.  Take off the shoes of pride and fear and put on the shoes of peace.  (Ephesians 6:15)
  4. Walk without fainting– Power walking means walking without fainting.  That may mean eating and resting well so that when it’s time to walk, your strength will be renewed.  (Isaiah 40:31)
  5. Don’t walk over or on others– A power walker knows what it feels like to be walked on, so she is careful not to do the same to others. (Luke 6:31)
  6. Avoid attention-seeking– A girl with a gait of grace doesn’t walk around saying, “Look at me, look at me, look at me”.  She walks around saying, “Look at him, look at Him, look at Him”. Her walk directs others to God, not to her!  (Phil 2:3)
  7. Bless, don’t boss– Strut your stuff by serving others not bossing people around!  (Matthew 20:28)
  8. Walk worthy- A gait of grace is all about knowing the God who walks with you, knowing what you’re walking for, and being fruitful in every good work. In other words, knowing the Person, fulfilling the Purpose and being Productive. (Colossians 1:10)
Well, that’s it for today! Why don’t you go get your best shoes on and start practicing your new strut!  If your walk is not pointing people to Christ, then you’ve got some grace-work to do.  God made you powerful in Him not in your own power and that’s what makes your walk a Gait of Grace!