Still looking for rest in your Green Pasture? (See Where’s My Green Pasture Parts I & II)   Meditate on our simplified list of “R”s so you can turn your search into a find!
Do these “R”s
1. Refrain from interacting with others, completing tasks, and the sound of noise for a period of time. You determine the length of time, but stillness, silence and solitudeare indispensable elements of the Green Pasture.
2. Retrain your brain. You are not in a race, you are in a marathon. Create your own pace for your life and erase the culture’s speed minimums of 100 mph.
3. Remain connected to the Shepherd.  He will guide your pace in life and tell you when it’s time to get busy and when it’s time to rest.
These “R”s await you in The Green Pasture!
Restoration- Instead of feeling impaired and damaged, you will feel repaired and whole!
Relaxation- You will be able to let your guard down; frolic and play; be carefree; and let go of physical tension in your body.
Rest- You will experience peace of mind, motionlessness, and freedom from activity or labor.
Refreshment- You will experience something ten times better than a cold drink or cool breeze on a hot day!
Refinement Like nuggets of gold, there is nothing like the process of being stripped of impurities and unwanted materials (stressors).
Refueling-If you are on “E”, you will receive a “fill-up” to keep you going the distance relationally, spiritually, emotionally, professionally and physically.
Renewing- He will make you like new; giving you a fresh mind, body, spirit, and heart.
Rebuilding-Whatever is broken in your life will be rebuilt.
Rejuvenation-God will cause you to feel youthful, give you vigor, and strength.
Regenerate- You will experience a ‘new’ you! A better, higher functioning, balanced you!
We want to hear from you!  Email us your personal struggles with finding balance or how you found your Green Pasture!   
   Identical twin sisters Lanelle and Leatisher Jackson, affectionately known as Nell and Tish, are both licensed professional counselors in the State of Ohio; treating children, adolescents, adults and families. For additional information, contact