” Nothing you have not given away will ever really be yours.” -C.S. Lewis
Our new maxim is to “Live Life with Open Hands.” Let us introduce you to the meaning.
There are so many dreams, desires, goals, material things, and even relationships that we hold on to so tightly that we are devastated if there is the slightest foretaste of disappointment.  We can’t stand to lose! We can’t cope if things don’t go exactly the way we plan!  And we really have a problem with giving things over to God! He asks us to hand over the pain, trouble, and worries and we clinch our fists so tight until it hurts. We tend to hold on to many of the things that God never authorized for us to have in the first place; unhealthy relationships, things, and maladaptive emotions. We also tend to believe we’re in control of outcomes and “turn-outs”—when we’re not! We must realize that if we continue to clench what God wants to confiscate, we will never experience true liberation and we certainly will not be positioned to receive His blessings! If you’re holding tightly to something, your hands are in no position to receive. Living life with open hands is the way!
Meditative Practice:  Make a fist with both hands.  Stare at them and then close your eyes and ask God to bring to mind 5 things in your life that you hold on to tightly.  Notice how you feel.  Do you notice a sense of control? Do you feel that your clinching provides security? Be honest!
Now open both hands. Stare at them both. Now close your eyes and meditate on what it would be like to let go of the things you are holding on to. Notice the transition from closed fists to open hands. What do you feel?  Do you feel a struggle or ease? Do you feel vulnerable or safe? Does this feel liberating or unfair? Speak honestly with God about His desire for you to loosen your grip.
Live life with open hands today—then tomorrow—then the next day! When you feel like you are trying to be in control of something or feel disappointed that “something” is not going your way, OPEN YOUR HANDS and look at them.