Just in case you haven’t noticed, our motto at Twinpowerment is “Empowerment for your Emotions, Relationships, and Spirit!”

We chose this motto because it embodies who Twinpowerment is and what our focus is when we write and empower others.

We hold strongly to a Mind, Body, Spirit model and believe that in order to achieve growth in one area you have to achieve growth in the other areas as well because they are all interconnected. The Emotional-Relational-Spiritual connection is very similar to the Mind-Body-Spirit relationship if not a directly linked!

Let us show you how each of these areas are significant in holistic health and growth!

Emotions– Emotions are a direct result of what takes place in our minds. Our minds are responsible for our thoughts, memories, thinking, reasoning, and is the headquarters for our speech, hearing, sight, motor skills, and smell.

Physiology and anatomy are important factors in understanding how emotions work! Simply put, the way you feel is not all in your head—well, actually it is in your head! What we mean is, your feelings are not random or unimportant aspects of your life. Your emotions give you very important clues on what is going on around you and how you are responding to the external stimuli.

Understanding and becoming aware of your emotions is essential in overall holistic health because emotions tell us so much about ourselves and others. If your emotions are out of whack, chances are your behaviors and relationships are out of whack too. Healthier emotions lead to more fulfilling relationships, better physical health, and better spiritual health.

Relationships– Relationships are the results of people interacting, responding, communicating, and relating to one another. Hence the word “relate.” In order to relate to one another, there needs to be a degree of cooperation, compromise, and community.

Relationships are formed in a variety of situations such as at work, school, church, home, and out in the community. Relationships are important because we were created by God to relate! We were not created to be alone or to live isolated. Relationships can be platonic, romantic, casual, professional, long-term, temporal, or seasonal.

We have relationships with those we are blood related to and those we are companions or friends with.

Relationships can show us a lot about who we are, what we like/dislike, and areas of strengths/growth areas within ourselves and those around us. They are useful in building ourselves up and building up the communities around us. Our emotions also play a huge role in how we relate to others and how they relate to us!

Spirit– Our spirits are comprised of our souls, our heart, our desires, our beliefs, our values, our convictions, our faith, and our eternal passions.

Spiritual connectivity is important in understanding emotions and are essential in how we relate to others. Without spiritual awareness and connection, we are prone to making bad choices, spiraling in our emotions, exhibiting negative behaviors, and our physical health can begin to deteriorate.

Twinpowerment has strong faith in Jesus Christ and His love. We try to connect everything we do and say back to Him in some way. He is the driving force behind our ambitions, aspirations, and actions!

It is our hope that our readers will gain more personal depth, awareness, and growth in their emotions, relationships, and spirits as we share our hearts through our writings and work!

Many Blessings!