Everything in life serves a purpose, whether that purpose is for destruction or construction of some sort.  Rejection is no different.  Rejection has been a part of your life to either destroy you or construct something great inside of you.  If you have been a victim of rejection, we do not believe you have to be a victim of that pain for the rest of your life. 
Here are 6 powerful purposes of rejection that we developed.  The first 3 are considered to be destructive and the last 3 are constructive.  Use these to determine the purpose rejection has served in your life and then change the rejection that was sent to torment you into rejection that teaches and transforms you. 
The more you understand about the purposes of rejection, the better equipped you will be to break the cycle we referred to in our blog titled “The Rejection Cycle”.  Your Affirmation Hunger will be less like a craving and more like a normal, healthy desire.   You will spend less time people-pleasing (and they are never pleased anyway!)  Last but not least, your response to rejection when it does happen will be conquering and less catastrophic.  Let rejection lead you to Construction and away from Destruction.  
Stay tuned to our last few blogs that will show you how to break free from the bonds of rejection! 
Identical twin sisters Lanelle and Leatisher Jackson, affectionately known as Nell and Tish, are both licensed professional counselors in the State of Ohio; treating children, adolescents, adults and families. For additional information, contact twinpowerment@gmail.com