When you think about true love, what comes to mind? What emotions and thoughts do you experience? Do you think about a person? Do you think about places? Do you think about things? We discovered that we gravitate towards using the phrase “I love____” loosely and irresponsibly. We are tendentious towards loving objects and things at a significantly higher level than we love God or people. Loving things that cannot reciprocate love back has become our norm.  Somehow we’ve charmed ourselves into the belief that becoming attached to things will keep us from getting hurt, disappointed, abandoned, and most of all, we don’t have to live up to the expectations of an object.  But this is an abnormal use of love. We over-think loving God and people, and under-think loving objects. We’ve got this love thing all wrong!
Consequently, we can’t differentiate love from lust or anything else for that matter!  Love should stand out! There should never be any puzzlement. We shouldn’t have to struggle to identify if love is true or not. Love can only be true and its only use should be directed towards God and people. Anything else is idolatry. When we look at all of the different types of love: Agape (unconditional love), Eros (romantic love), Phileo (friendship/brotherly love), and Storge (affectionate love), none of these indicate the love of things. But somehow we have managed to fill our hearts with objects that are not intended to be there-food, clothing, electronics, houses, cars, etc. What makes something idolatry is if you are threatened to lose it and you tell yourself you can’t live without it. While there is nothing wrong with having favorites, we should not say that we love anything. God has recently taught us this, so we are cautious in saying things like “I love spaghetti, I love these shoes, or I love football.”  Now we just say “I like” or “really like.”
“We’ve watered love down and weakened its impact!  Let’s give love back its power and its place”.
How? By putting “things” back into their proper place which is out of our hearts!!! Henceforth, let’s avoid questioning if people deserve our love. Let’s be fearless in how we love God and people and fearful in how we love things.   
Let’s Rethink LOVE!!
Twinpowerment Challenge:
Take one day and keep track of the number of times you say the word or feel the urge to say the word “love” carelessly about objects and things.  Compare this to the number of times you use the word “love” toward God and people.
Happy Valentine’s Day!!!