Happy New Year! In other words, Happy New Beginning! Happy New Start!

Typically at the onset of a new year, there are high levels of encouragement, goal-setting, planning, and setting high hopes!

Sometimes it all becomes overwhelming and cliche. We definitely want to offer some encouragement for your new year, so our inspired thought for everyone is to Stay High!!!!!

Stay high on what? Well, certainly not any mood-altering drugs…. Including the newly controversial legalized marijuana. No! Drugs, sex, man’s approval, or alcohol are not what we want you to stay high on. The high we are referring to won’t bring you crashing down later or living in constant states of withdrawal. We want you to “get high” and “stay high” on God’s goodness!!!!

Trust us, this is a high you want to be a part of. It won’t impair your judgment, it will enhance your wisdom. This high won’t bring you crashing down. It will keep you high as long as you stay connected to Him.

Why is it important for you to stay high? Because the new year isn’t all about opened doors, dreams coming true, goals being reached, or great miracles happening. Of course we expect all kinds of goodness, but we aren’t here to preach false hope. Life is up——and down! It’s valleys and hills! It’s good days and bad days. The truth is you may have some doors slammed in your face this year. You may have some losses this year. Gulp——you may have some hardships this year.

No matter how this year goes, we want you to stay high. What does it mean to stay high?

  • Stay positive
  • Stay hopeful
  • Stay encouraged
  • Stay on fire for God
  • Stay optimistic
  • Stay grounded in your dreams
  • Stay surrounded by others who live high
  • Stay looking up

Don’t come down from your high no matter what! Don’t let circumstances or any challenge bring you from a place of peace, joy, and hope!