What do you do when the problems of life overtake you much like a hurricane and the subsequent flooding waters that have overtaken Southern Texas?

What do you do when you are drowning in debt and the bills keep accumulating and threaten to sweep over you?

What about your emotions? That anger, depression or anxiety that just keeps pouring down with intensity in your mind and won’t let up?

How do you handle the waves of negative thoughts, self-talk and maladaptive core beliefs that surge and surge and threaten to take you under?

If you are a student, a business owner, a wife, a mom, working a 9-5—how do you handle being flooded with tasks, to-dos, chores, homework, emails, diapers and try to stay above water?

We just described the various experiences of overwhelm. It’s that grave sinking and drowning feeling.  It’s that “I can’t feel the ground” experience. It’s that “I can’t handle one more thing going wrong” thought. It’s that tightness in your chest and difficulty breathing sensation. It’s the “Lord, when will this end or get better” prayer. It’s a feeling every woman has had, is having right now, or will have in the near future. Life is unkind at times.  It is relentless.  It is a force to be reckoned with.  It sends a downpour of unpleasantries and doesn’t seem to care that you need rescuing from it all.

But the good news is that floods are survivable!  Stress is overcomeable!  Overwhelm is defeatable!  All you need is the right plan in place.  We have 5 survival tips for flooding you may experience in your life.

How to Survive Overwhelm

  1. Get to higher ground– This doesn’t make the flood go away, but it keeps you safe until the waters recede. God is our higher ground and His job is to keep us safe when life overwhelms us.  Spend time in scripture and prayer during overwhelming stress.
  2. Ask for help– Seems overly simple. But asking for help or the failure to ask others for help is often the critical step in whether you survive overwhelm or sink deeper into it. Avoid the temptation to pass up help that is offered to you. Try not to overestimate your capacity to save yourself.
  3. Remain calm and tilt your head back– Just like if you were naturally going under heavy waters and nearly drowning, resisting the innate urge to panic and tilting your head back allows your body to float and stay above waters. Tilting your head back also symbolizes looking up to God and relying on His help!
  4. Get insurance– What coverage do you have in your life that helps you recover during times of loss? Who helps with the mitigation of the burdens of life? Is it a friend, a counselor, a mentor?  Identify who or what can help you repair damage and recover from the floods of life.
  5. Have a survival plan– Don’t wait until disaster happens to come up with a plan.  Overwhelm is inevitable!  Be prepared by stocking up on coping resources!  Have an evacuation plan to get away from people, places, and stressors that are no longer serving you.