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A Pain Worth Remembering

In many instances, it is recommended to ignore past or present pain, forget about pain, heal from pain, move past pain, deal with pain, or not to dwell on pain. All pain is subjective and pain should in fact be… Continue Reading →

Be Mine

Be Mine! A popular phrase stamped onto Valentine’s candies, cards, clothing, bears, cookies, and balloons. It’s a traditional way of asking someone during the Valentine’s season to be in a relationship with them, go out with them, or start a… Continue Reading →

How to Power Walk: A Girl’s Guide for a Gait of Grace

  How to Power Walk: A Girl’s Guide for a Gait of Grace For the past 5-6 decades at least, women have been making noise about their rights in the world.  Woman have been fighting for equality with men, fighting… Continue Reading →

Stay High

  Happy New Year! In other words, Happy New Beginning! Happy New Start! Typically at the onset of a new year, there are high levels of encouragement, goal-setting, planning, and setting high hopes! Sometimes it all becomes overwhelming and cliche…. Continue Reading →

Not so Silent Night

Silent Night–one of the most beloved Christmas carols draws our minds and hearts inward as we reflect on the events surrounding our Savior’s birth–including the calmness, peace, and light that He promises. For many during this time of year, the nights really are… Continue Reading →

Habits of a Thankful Person

We are right in the heart of the Thanksgiving holiday season! While some are preparing elaborate meals, decorating, creating guest lists, and doing seasonal shopping, others are isolating, worrying about the future, or stressing about what they wish they had…. Continue Reading →

How to Lean on God’s Understanding

Trust in The Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding……… Proverbs 3:5 emphasis added. Lean not on your own understanding—–A familiar passage? Yes. An easy practice? No. King Solomon must have had a hunch here… Continue Reading →

Find Your Life

  We’ve been going about finding ourselves the wrong way.  We’ve been putting too much effort into trying to be original (which is an oxymoron because you can’t try to be something you originally are).  We’ve been holding on to… Continue Reading →

Where’s My Green Pasture? Part II

  “He makes me lie down in green pastures…but then I have to pop back up to email people back, return or make phone calls, get to the meeting on time, drop off a prescription, review curriculum for a group,… Continue Reading →

“Where’s My Green Pasture? —-Part I”

    The well known 23rdPsalm of David states “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Then it goes on to say “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.”—This Psalm is often read robotically without really… Continue Reading →

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