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Be Mine

Be Mine! A popular phrase stamped onto Valentine’s candies, cards, clothing, bears, cookies, and balloons. It’s a traditional way of asking someone during the Valentine’s season to be in a relationship with them, go out with them, or start a… Continue Reading →

Marriage: Fairy Tale or Not?

Going back in time to our childhood years, we regularly daydreamed about what marriage would be like and what kind of marriages we wanted to have. In our heads, we could only see happy days, sunny skies, endless hugs and… Continue Reading →

Heal Love

    “Love heals”—you’ve seen it on everything from T-shirts to billboards.  This has been the mantra used in response to the hurts in our world caused by hate, mistreatment, discrimination, bigotry, abuse, conflicts, and even war.  The declaration is… Continue Reading →

Rethink LOVE

  When you think about true love, what comes to mind? What emotions and thoughts do you experience? Do you think about a person? Do you think about places? Do you think about things? We discovered that we gravitate towards… Continue Reading →

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