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Get Out of the Dump

      Rejection feels like….. Being thrown away in the trash! When we are rejected by others or “feel” like others are rejecting us, you can liken the feeling to how a sheet of paper would feel when it… Continue Reading →

Rejected on Purpose

  Everything in life serves a purpose, whether that purpose is for destruction or construction of some sort.  Rejection is no different.  Rejection has been a part of your life to either destroy you or construct something great inside of… Continue Reading →

The Rejection Cycle

In our previous blog, we introduced the topic of rejection and its possible origins and effects. Rejection is a thread that often links people together, because we all have been rejected at least once in our lives. While it is… Continue Reading →

America’s Most Unwanted: The Rejection Series

    Nothing makes you want to catch the next thing smoking and leave town for good more than rejection.  Hiding underneath a big rock or moving to a remote island far away from everyone sound like a dream compared… Continue Reading →

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