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The Great Disconnect

Picture this: It’s Friday evening and you’ve gotten dressed up to attend a dinner party. As you arrive, you are excited to be amongst some great friends and catch up as well as socialize with new faces. Your excitement soon… Continue Reading →

Rejected on Purpose

  Everything in life serves a purpose, whether that purpose is for destruction or construction of some sort.  Rejection is no different.  Rejection has been a part of your life to either destroy you or construct something great inside of… Continue Reading →

The Rejection Cycle

In our previous blog, we introduced the topic of rejection and its possible origins and effects. Rejection is a thread that often links people together, because we all have been rejected at least once in our lives. While it is… Continue Reading →

America’s Most Unwanted: The Rejection Series

    Nothing makes you want to catch the next thing smoking and leave town for good more than rejection.  Hiding underneath a big rock or moving to a remote island far away from everyone sound like a dream compared… Continue Reading →

The Faith Walk~Nell’s Story

    Recently, God guided me through an exercise that was intentional in building my faith. So many times in my personal life, I wonder where He is or what He is doing. I wonder so much that I can’t… Continue Reading →

I Found My Green Pasture

  Still looking for rest in your Green Pasture? (See Where’s My Green Pasture Parts I & II)   Meditate on our simplified list of “R”s so you can turn your search into a find! Do these “R”s 1. Refrain… Continue Reading →

Where’s My Green Pasture? Part II

  “He makes me lie down in green pastures…but then I have to pop back up to email people back, return or make phone calls, get to the meeting on time, drop off a prescription, review curriculum for a group,… Continue Reading →

“Where’s My Green Pasture? —-Part I”

    The well known 23rdPsalm of David states “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.” Then it goes on to say “He makes me to lie down in green pastures.”—This Psalm is often read robotically without really… Continue Reading →

The Master’s Cleanse: A Supernatural Detox

  Many, if not all of us have heard of the very popular detoxification regimen called “The Master Cleanse.” As a matter of fact, we can suppose that many of you have tried it. This detox regimen was formulated in… Continue Reading →

The Emotional Monster Part II

 “Each sinful act leaves a mark, on the tiny central self which no one sees in this life but which each of us will have to endure-or enjoy-forever.  One man may be so placed that his anger sheds the blood… Continue Reading →

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