Recently, God guided me through an exercise that was intentional in building my faith. So many times in my personal life, I wonder where He is or what He is doing. I wonder so much that I can’t live in the moment or stop questioning what He’s doing, which puts me in a bad place of not trusting Him.
As I took a quiet walk by the lake recently, I could feel a great calm come over me and God immediately spoke to me and told me to do an exercise with Him. He placed me in a grassy area surrounded by trees. He showed me a tall tree and had me stand as far away as possible. He then told me that He represented the tree and I was to focus on the tree, close my eyes, and to start walking towards the tree with my eyes closed until I touched the tree. Now immediately, I felt a great sense of trepidation because I’ve never walked with my eyes closed before without a person guiding me. He reassured me that He would keep me safe, but that I needed to trust Him. So I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, and started walking. Immediately, I started shaking. My legs were wobbling, my heart was pounding, and I felt weak. He said “Trust Me!”
After just a few steps, I couldn’t handle the suspense of not knowing, (How many of us fear the unknown?), so I opened my eyes. I closed them again and kept walking. I fell—-I got back up—I kept losing my balance. After several falls and stumbles,  I finally made it to the tree.—-I thought I was done, but He said “Do it again!”
This time, He said “Go further away from the tree this time!” So I did. My trepidation grew. I started walking. The same things happened again. I kept losing my focus because of the startling sounds of nature. I kept stumbling, but I made it to the tree. He then made me pick a tree that was at the bank of the pond. I said “No Way!” He said “Do it!” I started walking… faith! I knew He was not going to let me fall into the pond. I kept opening my eyes this time because I feared. But I made it!
Yet still, I thought I was done, but He told me to pick the furthest distance possible away from the tree in the middle of the field. It was just me and Him. He told me to do whatever I had to do, but I was NOT to open my eyes at all. So I stuck my arms out and started walking. Two steps…..three steps……to my knees I go! Four steps……ten steps……down to my knees again! I started crying…it started raining. He said “Do not fear!” After each step I took He told me “I am with you Lanelle!” Before I knew it, I was at 50 steps, then 70, then 90. Still no tree! My hands were reaching forward. I became scared again. Still crying and stumbling, I kept walking. And finally………I felt roots under my feet! I opened my eyes and there was the tree right in front of my hands. He told me that He was proud of me and that He did not penalize me for the times I stumbled, fell, or opened my eyes. He just wanted me to do it.
I walked away with the hope that although the rain may come and the grounds beneath me may be rocky and unstable, God wants me to trust Him. He wants me to stop calculating His plans and stop trying to figure Him out! He wanted to show me that He is always with me—-He is with all of us! He is just waiting on us to start walking………and not by sight this time…..but by faith!!!!!!! 
Identical twin sisters Lanelle and Leatisher Jackson, affectionately known as Nell and Tish, are both licensed professional counselors in the State of Ohio; treating children, adolescents, adults and families. For additional information, contact