This experiential exercise on the disciplines of faith and trust was just what I needed to bring myself back to total dependency on God!  This was not the usual stroll in the park; this was an encounter that would forever transform how I conceptualized faith and trust in God!
In an open field with plenty of trees, I picked the tree that I wanted to walk toward blindly. I began to walk slowly and took note of my approach to this intimidating exercise. I didn’t struggle with urges to open my eyes (surprisingly). I didn’t stumble, trip or fall.  I walked at a slow pace—one foot—next foot.  I was more fearful of what was behind me and noticed my vulnerability to the openness around me. I had an easy time tuning out distractions.  Although I peeked a few times at the ground, I did a good job of feeling my way with my feet. I tried to count my steps but God said, “No, just walk”—Because calculating steps was a way of me trying to maintain some control.  I walked and got near the goal tree about a foot away before opening my eyes.  God wanted me to trust His voice to stop and not my own judgment or senses.  Boy this was hard!  Even though I was walking slowly, there was an innate fear that I could somehow smack into a tree or fall down and hurt myself.
Next tree!  I kept my eyes closed, I listened for His voice to tell me when to stop.  He never said stop but when I opened my eyes I was startled. “What happened to the tree? It’s gone!” I freaked out because I didn’t see the tree I was aiming for.  I noticed I made more steps than I thought; I passed the tree somehow without even brushing past it and it was over 5 ft behind me.  God showed me I can’t be in control of everything; trying to avoid pain, threats, and hurt in this life should not consume my energies.  God took me away from it on His own.  He ordered my steps around obstacles.
Next tree!  Same thing happened; I walked around it when I was supposed to walk toward it.  Clearly God was showing me what His role was and what mine was.  If I just walk, He will do the rest!
Next destination—the lake!  “You want me to walk to the lake?, I asked God in sort of a protest.  After pausing for a ‘moment of apprehension’, I readily started to walk blindly toward the lake.  I tried my best to walk directly toward the lake; keeping my eyes closed the entire time.  I was waiting on Him to guide me to stop but He didn’t, so of course I opened my eyes out of curiosity of where I was, because I was certain I was one step close to the lake.  To my surprise, I was walking along-side the lake and had been for many steps. If I had kept straight, I would have certainly walked into the water, but I was walking completely parallel to the water.  God turned my steps away from harm again as He reminded me of Jeremiah 29:11.  I stopped and wept out of gratitude.
I sat down to journal my experience and left the park feeling a load lifted off of me.  I was taking on too many responsibilities in my recent storm and it felt so good to know that all I have to do is walk, while relying 100% on God and His direction!  Now that is what I call Walking by Faith & Trust! 
 Identical twin sisters Lanelle and Leatisher Jackson, affectionately known as Nell and Tish, are both licensed professional counselors in the State of Ohio; treating children, adolescents, adults and families. For additional information, contact