“He makes me lie down in green pastures…but then I have to pop back up to email people back, return or make phone calls, get to the meeting on time, drop off a prescription, review curriculum for a group, get the dishes washed, search the cabinet for a dinner idea, respond to texts, get ready for clients, write the next blog, pack lunch, open mail, balance the checkbook, pay a bill”…..
“Now I can lie back down…..wait…..one more thing”!
Note:When we say “lying down” we are not referring to a physical rest as much as we are a spiritual, social, and emotional escape from the over-stimulation around us.
We are tired of lying down and waking up frequently in a state of panic about something that didn’t get done or that needs to be done.  We can’t enjoy the soft, plush grass because the busyness of life won’t let us. We can’t enjoy the fullness of restoration, refueling, renewing, rebuilding, refreshment, rejuvenation, and rest that is necessary for our effectiveness and fruitfulness once we return back to our work.  
Are you tired of hearing “balance, balance, balance”, and “5 steps to balance” but never attaining this mysterious equilibrium?  Are you tired of people telling you to balance while at the same time adding more things to your plate and looking baffled at you when you ask for a day off?  Do you find that getting balance is easier said than done? Well we are here to give you some truths that can lead you to your Green Pasture.
Finding your Green Pasture is definitely feasible, but the only way to find it in both metaphorical and literal terms is to:
  •  Tell people no sometimes
  •  Move some seemingly important items off of your plate
  •  Upset some people
  •  Cause some people to discredit you 
  •   Slow down, pause, or stop
  •   Jump off the fast moving train    
  •  Basically do anything that is counter-cultural
You cannot find your Green Pasture and keep everyone happy!  And if you are a busy-body, chances are even you won’t be happy by slowing down.
Our culture is “anti-Green pasture” and this is why we believe our Good Shepherd has to make us lie down.  He knows how important real rest is and that we will not pursue it of our own volition.  There are so many reasons why lying down is hard when everything is fast-paced, high-energy, do-it-now, get-it-now, results-oriented, perfection, race-to-the-finish, and race-to-the-top! But nothing should stop us from getting away to our restorative meadows.
If you truly want to find your Green Pasture and make frequent visits there, then you need to un-learn everything our hurried culture has taught you and re-learn what our Shepherd desires for you.
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