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Top 10 Fears Women Face

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Fear……fear…….fear! Fear is all around us and we are all susceptible to produce it from our own hearts and minds.  We don’t intend to be fearful, but we have innate and healthy fear responses built within us that help keep… Continue Reading →

Survival Guide to Overwhelm

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What do you do when the problems of life overtake you much like a hurricane and the subsequent flooding waters that have overtaken Southern Texas? What do you do when you are drowning in debt and the bills keep accumulating… Continue Reading →

5 Ways for Moms to Embrace Change

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    Have you ever felt like you just couldn’t get a grip on the day-to-day challenges of being a mother? Do you sometimes feel like stability is the furthest thing from your reach? Well we know a thing or… Continue Reading →

Relationship Tune-Ups, Tune-Ins & Tune-Outs

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The Undisciplined Mind and Meditation

Our minds are more undisciplined than they have ever been. We have believed the myth that multi-tasking is helpful and allows us to be more productive.  We can’t sit still for more than 60 seconds.  Cognition-based suffering is on the… Continue Reading →

A Pain Worth Remembering

In many instances, it is recommended to ignore past or present pain, forget about pain, heal from pain, move past pain, deal with pain, or not to dwell on pain. All pain is subjective and pain should in fact be… Continue Reading →

Busyness: The New Status Symbol

Nowadays, so many people are competing to see who can be the most successful, the most famous, or who can get the most likes and followers on social media. However, this competing for success really translates to competition of who… Continue Reading →

Be Mine

Be Mine! A popular phrase stamped onto Valentine’s candies, cards, clothing, bears, cookies, and balloons. It’s a traditional way of asking someone during the Valentine’s season to be in a relationship with them, go out with them, or start a… Continue Reading →

Marriage: Fairy Tale or Not?

Going back in time to our childhood years, we regularly daydreamed about what marriage would be like and what kind of marriages we wanted to have. In our heads, we could only see happy days, sunny skies, endless hugs and… Continue Reading →

How to Power Walk: A Girl’s Guide for a Gait of Grace

  How to Power Walk: A Girl’s Guide for a Gait of Grace For the past 5-6 decades at least, women have been making noise about their rights in the world.  Woman have been fighting for equality with men, fighting… Continue Reading →

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